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PA State Constable Gordon R. Crowell Jr.



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Process Serving

A process server is responsible for delivering a writ, summons or other
legal document to the person, persons or party required to respond to them. At Crowell Legal Services, your delivery will be handled with the utmost professionalism, care and confidentiality. We know and understand that every document’s delivery expectations are different; all documents will have a guaranteed delivery attempt within forty-eight hours of hire. If rush service is required, COUNT on Crowell Legal Service to make an attempt within the same day of the service call.


Civil Standbys
When a situation arises in which law enforcement is needed to oversee
the transfer of property, property retention and/or custody exchanges a civil standby is
in order. In a civil standby, you can COUNT on Crowell Legal Service to act as a neutral
party; the officer will keep the peace, maintain civility and will take the necessary,
appropriate steps to ensure the safe and secure transfer of all property and persons.

Event Peacekeeping


COUNT on Crowell Legal Service to quell disturbances and take the necessary steps to enforce state law. We can provide supervision of a truce between two hostile or opposing parties and in situations such as these, treating all involved parties with respect and dignity is of the utmost importance.

Skip Tracing


Skip tracing is a term used to find evasive individuals that cannot be
located at their residence or commonly frequented places. The word “skip” refers to
the person being searched for and “tracing” refers to the act of finding the skip. COUNT
on Crowell Legal Service to collect, analyze and verify information to determine the
location of your “skip.”



Whether you require medical, legal, or professional courier service, COUNT on
Crowell Legal Service to provide efficient and secure delivery tailored to your specific
needs. If needed, we can deliver time-sensitive, confidential documents directly to the


     Crowell Legal Service provides personal attention to all our clients and delivers prompt,
professional and courteous service to all involved parties. We have the knowledge, skills and
experience necessary to deliver the service you expect at the price you deserve. Serving you by
serving others is our specialty!

     Gordon R. Crowell Jr. began his career in public safety by serving as a security officer for the Allentown
School District where he supported the educational process by protecting and ensuring the safety of
students, staff members and property. While at ASD, Gordon served as a SERAPH Trainer and the
President of the Security Professionals of America Union. When the position for Pennsylvania State
Constable in Forks Township became available, Gordon decided to run because he was confident in his
background and skills set to protect and serve within his community and throughout the state of
Pennsylvania. As a State Constable, Gordon strives to treat every individual with the respect and dignity
that they deserve while also giving back to communities in need. Every year, on Christmas Day,
Constable Crowell dresses as Santa Claus to deliver presents and joy to local families at New Bethany
Ministries. At Forks Community Days, Constable Crowell sponsors Tastes of the Township, a culinary
event designed to showcase local, Forks eateries and small business owners. Constable Crowell has the
utmost respect for public education; with the help of his wife, who is a teacher, they honor two Easton
Area School District students by awarding them law enforcement scholarships. Furthermore, Constable
Crowell volunteers his time at school career days, where he utilizes the power of education to develop
positive relationships between law enforcement and valley youth. Gordon R. Crowell Jr. is proud to
serve the valley as a certified, dedicated and professional Pennsylvania State Constable. 


    " I would highly recommend that everyone consider using Crowell Legal Services.  I have utlized Gordon's services for years, even before he opened this business.  He always responds either the same day, or the next after I call him.  He promptly retrieves our documents, and knows how to serve the tough ones.  He once found that a defendant I was trying to have served, did not live at the address I had given him.  Gordon persevered, spoke to her neighbors, and tracked her down to a nearby campground. I was truly amazed.  In short, Gordon always goes the extra mile, and doesn't give up until he reaches his goal. All at a reasonable cost."

Robert A. Nitchkey, Jr., Esquire

Easton, PA.


 Attempts to serve begin within forty-eight hours of hire
 Three attempts/ one before noon, one after noon, one evening or weekend
 $55.00 Service

Standard Service of Process/CARBON AND MONROE COUNTIES:
 Attempts to serve begin within forty-eight hours of hire
 Three attempts/one before noon, one after noon, one evening or weekend
 $75.00 Service

 Attempts to serve begin within forty-eight hours of hire
 Three attempts/one before noon, one after noon, one evening or weekend
 $85.00 Service

RUSH Service of Process:
 Attempts to serve begin the same business day
 Three attempts/ one before noon, one after noon, one evening or weekend
 $25.00 in addition to the standard process of service fee  

Additional Services:

 $5.00 per notarized page for notary service 

 $.10 per page for copy fee

 Public or secret surveillance to determine someone’s location in order to serve them
 $65.00 per hour

 Two hours minimum

 $65.00 per hour
 Two hours minimum

Skip tracing:

 $45.00 Service provides driver’s license number, date of birth, possible employers, last
known addresses, possible email addresses, best phone numbers, relatives and contact
information, current vehicles, business associations, corporations, liens, judgments and

 $45.00 Hourly rate plus mileage
 Mileage $0.545/mile
 Surcharges will apply for rush service and/or package specifications



Crowell Legal Service


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